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Knights of the Sharpened Chain

This title is only conferred upon those who have delivered exception service to The Chainsaw Nation

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Lloyd Kaufman

No one person has done more to further the cause of independent film making than Lloyd Kaufman.  He has appeared in over 200 films often for little or no pay simply to help his fellow film makers out.  He has served as Chairman of the Independent Film and Television Alliance where he campaigned to maintain net neutrality.  He has written 6 Books on independent film making including Make your Own Damn Movie and All I need to know about Filmmaking I Learned from the Toxic Avenger.   He has taught his master filmmaking course all over the world to eager new students.  For this service he is duly awarded the status of Knight of the Sharpened Chain!


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Brock Lady

Brock has done more than any one man to further the cause of the Chainsaw Nation.  He has lent his talents as a graphics designer to make some ultra cool looks that have defined this campaign in a truly awesome and unique way.  He is a relentless cheerleader as he turns fans onto Chainsaw Maidens from Hell wherever he goes.  And he is one funny songwriter to boot!  For this service he is duly awarded the status of Knight of the Sharpened Chain!


Certified Chainsaw Psychopaths!

Eric Barry - Somerville, MA

Scott Frybarger - Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Chainsaw Fanatics!

Zee Zarbock  -Unfolding Pictures LCC

The Dread Pirate Bunny

Kathleen Bowers